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Trust, transparency, and CBDCs: How blockchain can tackle global inequity | Sheila Warren interview

2nd March 2021

Cointelegraph policy editor Kollen Post sits down with Sheila Warren, head of data, blockchain, and digital assets at the WEF, to discuss trust, transparency, and CBDCs.

0:00 Intro
1:16 Has has COVID-19 raised global equity concerns?
2:59 How does blockchain provide solutions for closing equity gaps?
4:36 What are the most tangible applications of blockchain technology in the past year?
7:28 How should transparency and privacy be balanced?
9:32 How are you and the WEF approaching CBDCs?
13:05 How could CBDCs improve equitable access to banking?
18:16 Can CBDCs optimize the distribution of money to the public or are broader policies required first?

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