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Ultimate Guide to Algorithmic Stablecoins (AMPL, ESD, DSD, BASIS, MITH CASH)

6th January 2021

Algorithmic Stablecoins are not volatile in value and are usually pegged to fiat currencies or a basket of stable assets. They are stable relative to the price and are backed by an algorithm that changes its supply when it moves above or below the price target. We look at examples such as Ampleforth ($AMPL), Empty set dollar ($ESD), Dynamic set dollar ($DSD), Basis Cash ($BAC) and Mithril cash ($MIC). Do algorithmic stablecoins have a huge potential in 2021?

#AlgorithmicStablecoins #DeFi #Stablecoins #cryptocurrency

00:00 Introduction
00:51 A Brief Overview of Algorithmic Stablecoins
04:04 What are the 3 main categories of Stablecoins? (USD, Crypto and Algorithmic)
05:00 What is Tether (USDT)?
05:40 US dollar backed Stablecoins (USDT, USDC, PAX)
07:28 Crypto Solutions on Stablecoins (DAI, sUSD)
08:20 Algorithmic Stablecoins splits into 3 Mechanism:
i) 09:15 Rebase tokens - AMPL, BASED, BASE PROTOCOL, XBTC, XAMPL
ii) 09:46 BASIS - BASIS Cash, Mithril Cash
iii) 10:16 Empty Set Dollar - ESD & DSD
10:42 Rebase tokens explained
14:28 What is BASIS mechanism? Simple explanation on Seigniorage Mechanism: BASIS Cash, BASIS Shares, BASIS Bonds
(Read more about Mithril Cash here: https://boxmining.com/mithril-cash-algorithmic-stablecoin/)
18:08 Empty Set Dollar explained - ESD & DSD
22:24 Conclusion

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