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How Much I Make Staking Crypto? Make $5000 per Month Staking Crypto! 💰

A Chain of Blocks
17th March 2021

In this #Crypto Video, we are talking all about how to earn Passive Income staking your Cryptos. I will show you How Much I Make each money from #Staking Cryptocurrency for #PassiveIncome? I am also going to show you how you can Make $5000 per Month Passive Income, Staking Your Own Crypto! It is time to put your crypto to work for you, start earn some huge rewards and Crypto ROI by staking your different cryptocurrency holdings. Let your crypto make you money while you sleep.

🔗To Navigate the Video
0:00 Introduction to Crypto & AltCoin Staking
0:45 Kraken Crypto Exchange for Staking Staking Polkadot DOT
2:34 Key Factors to Consider When Staking Cryptocurrency
3:09 Exodus Wallet
3:31 Staking ADA & ATOM on Exodus Wallet
4:09 Explaining Staking Unbonding Period with Staking ATOM
4:39 Demo / Explanation of Staking ADA on Exodus Wallet
5:29 Staking on Atomic Wallet
6:02 Staking BaND Protocol Token on Atomic Wallet for 17% Staking Return
6:56 Staking Rewards Website - What Crypto Pays the Best Staking Rewards?
8:25 How to Make $5,000 per Month Staking Cryptocurrency

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🔑NOT Your Keys🔐
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There are countless ways to #earn passive income online, and #earning #passive #income with cryptocurrency and #Altcoins, as well as Bitcoin, is one of the most lucrative options right now! #Bitcoin, #cryptocurrencies, and blockchains are ushering in the next financial revolution and they enable unique methods of earning easy money online from home. Currently, I am staking ATOM from Cosmos, also Cardano's ADA and Band Protocol. My largest crypto staking is Polkadot and DOT. I am earning a different APR % for each Altcoin. I am also using different cryptocurrency exchanges and DeFi platforms to stake each Token. I will show you the process for Staking with Atomic Wallet / Kraken / Exodus. The crypto #reward mechanism is known as proof of stake, and all users staking on each network earns a portion of the fees generated. I show you what I'm staking and lending and also discuss how much Crypto it would take to make $1k, $5k and $10k per month passive income using Bitcoin #BTC, #Ethereum #ETH, #Cardano #ADA, #Polkadot #DOT, #BAND #Protocol, and #Cosmos #ATOM.

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