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14th January 2021

Decentralized finance (DeFi) boom in 2020 and it is still rapidly growing in 2021. All the transactions, such as sending tokens, trading on Uniswap, or yield farming, carried out in the DeFi space are largely run on the Ethereum network which causes the gas fee to spike to an all-time high. In this episode, we will be sharing some insider tips and tricks on how to save on ETH transaction fees, how to cancel and speed up a stuck transaction so that you will be able to trade on the price you desire.

#Ethereum #HowtoSave #Gasfee

0:00 Introduction
01:50 How to turn on the Gas Fees & Custom Nonce setting on MetaMask?
02:43 Simplified explanation on how gas fees work
03:42 TX Street: Blockchain Transaction Visualizer
05:16 Demonstration on Uniswap
06:32 Strategies to save on Transaction Fees
08:37 How to fix stuck transactions?
10:22 What to do if failed transactions doesn't appear on MetaMask?
11:10 How to cancel or replace a transaction on Uniswap with MetaMask?
12:02 MUST KNOW TIP for trading on Uniswap
14:20 How to improve the chances in succeeding the transaction on Uniswap?
16:09 What is Slippage? What is FrontRunning?

Useful Links:-
TxStreet.com: Blockchain Transaction Visualizer

Uniswap review and tutorial: Beginners guide and advanced tips and tricks

MetaMask Guide: How to set up an account? PLUS tips and hacks for advanced users

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