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Uniswap Governance enters the Trust Bubble with Chris Blec

Chris Blec on DeFi
22nd October 2020

A link will be provided that will allow any viewer to join this open call with camera & mic to discuss the latest happenings in Uniswap Protocol's tokenized governance!

On this episode of Trust Bubble, we will discuss the latest on the possible proposal from Dharma to airdrop UNI to its users. All opinions are welcome!

UPDATE: Nadav Hollander of Dharma has committed to joining this live stream! https://twitter.com/NadavAHollander/status/1319326831330222081?s=20

To catch up before the live stream, check out this thread: https://gov.uniswap.org/t/announcing-dharmas-intention-to-propose-the-retroactive-uni-distribution/

You can delegate your UNI to Chris Blec at reluctantdelegate.eth or 0x84bb5196F0085D61a7C9AC5B903a26D7f009aC13.

Other delegate addresses:
Hiturunk 0x0be0ecc301a1c0175f07a66243cff628c24db852
Agustin 0x47701463ee3a42fb87d24746fb9d8b70f06e6e3a

Dharma 0x7e4A8391C728fEd9069B2962699AB416628B19Fa

To support this channel, visit https://chrisblec.cc (thanks in advance!)

Follow Chris on Twitter @ChrisBlec