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Bitcoin - The Trillion Dollar Path To Becoming A Global Reserve Asset

Nugget's News
2nd December 2020

Bitcoin - The Trillion Dollar Path To Becoming A Global Reserve Asset
Today we are joined by Lyn Alden, founder of Lyn Alden Investment Strategy. We discuss Lyn’s investment strategy; misconceptions of money; how the complicated bond, reserve & cash reserve system works; inflationary & deflationary pressures; treasury & currency markets; BTC’s halving cycle; Lyn’s BTC investment thesis and much more! #Bitcoin #Currency #Asset

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0:00 Lyn’s background & investment strategy
2:30 Misconception of money & how the broad money supply increases over time
6:30 How the fractional reserve system works & cash reserves
12:00 Primary dealers buying bonds & quantitative tightening
17:00 Free market rate of money & cracks in the system
22:10 Mechanically selling bonds, Treasuries & forced selling
25:50 Changes to traditional ways of diversifying portfolios
28:15 U.S. self financing its deficits, trading in non dollar systems & geo-political changes
35:25 Stablecoins, synthetic dollars & a U.S. dollar shortage
39:30 Increasingly multi-polar global reserve system
40:50 BTC as the ultimate reserve asset
44:40 Special drawing right (SDR)
46:20 BTC’s halving cycle & competing with the fractional financial system
51:05 QE, inflation, deflation & around the table currency devaluation
55:50 Commodities supercycle & supply glut
57:30 Euro dollar system & affects on emerging markets
1:00:00 Net sellers & structural deflationary forces
1:04:00 Where is the U.S. heading & what happens next?
1:07:20 CBDCs as a possible solution
1:09:55 Are we moving towards a universal basic income?
1:12:20 Lyn’s opinion on BTC
1:19:00 Lyn’s current BTC thesis & network effects
1:22:10 Futures markets suppressing silver & gold

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