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6th April 2021

We give out many altcoin gems on this channel but today we are doing something very highly requested today and showing gems that are on Binance which is the most widely used exchange. Here I will be using technical analysis to analyse different coins which I like such as Wabi, DeXe and more. I will also be analysing Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) to frame the market before going onto the undervalued altcoins. I will also be covering an upcoming IDO, PolkaLokr, which I believe will have lots of potential upon release for huge gains. Let us know which coins you are buying and as always, enjoy the video!

Check out PolkaLokr here: https://polkalokr.com/

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0:00 Intro
0:48 Market Overview
1:38 Bitcoin & Ethereum Analysis
2:48 Coin #1
4:48 Coin #2
5:23 Coin #3
6:14 Polkalokr
7:52 Coin #4
8:43 Coin #5

Top 5 ALTCOIN GEMS On BINANCE (Best Chance to Get RICH 2021)

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