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We are live

Registrations for our giveaway are now closed.
Winners will be announced on our Twitter profile very soon.

Important: Eligible winners are required to have a verified CryptoAtlas account and to be following us on Twitter.



A word from

our friends

Daniel Stockhaus
CEO at Polkastarter
If someone understands how communities tick, it's Danilo and his team. We are excited about the launch of CryptoAtlas 2.0 and seeing how the platform evolves.
Beniamin Mincu
CEO at Elrond
We are happy to get involved in anything that amplifies the voice of the Elrond community, and CryptoAtlas can help us reach new audiences.
Nuno Correia
CSO at Utrust
I have been following the development of CryptoAtlas for a while, and the team is going in the right direction and bringing something new and different to the market.