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Hello everybody and welcome to CryptoAtlas, a newly launched platform that is still very much in its infancy and development stage. The project was born behind a passion for the crypto ecosystem and a belief that although there is lots of great products, services and resources in the industry, it is difficult to have a great overview of it all. We call this issue the 'Overview Challenge', and with that in mind, are determined to be platform that helps users better navigate the ecosystem. Our goal is to act as a map and point of reference, thus the name CryptoAtlas. In addition to the the 'Overview Challenge', we also believe that there is a poor structure and lack of engagement between the core of the crypto ecosystem - on other words YOU (the users) - and the key players, companies, and builders of the industry. That is why CryptoAtlas is committed to foster engagement across the ecosystem, and provide a community where users not only have a voice but where can they can add value in the development and growth of the industry. All of the above translates into this first and simple version of our product, but it's just the start. There is lots coming up in the future and we want YOU to be a part of it, and helps us build something useful, meaningful, and engaging. Once again, welcome to CryptoAtlas and thanks for stopping by. We look forward to navigating with you, The CryptoAtlas team.