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AMA with The Moon Carl

Bitcoin YouTuber

With over 130K subscribers and a million-views per month, Carl Martin (aka The Moon Carl) is one of the most popular YouTuber in the cryptospace. He started his YouTube channel back in 2017, when he was 24 year old. Bitcoin enthusiast, The Moon Carlโ€™s videos are mainly focused on technical analysis, tutorials and reviews about crypto-related products.

Swedish of origins with an economics background, The Moonโ€™s passion about monetary history and new form of money pushed him to jump into the cryptospce, becoming rapidly one of the most appreciated individuals in the Crypto community.

Meet The Moon Carl and shoot over your questions to him!

Very interesting session thanks to our guest The Moon, who shared his view about the crypto market and its possible directions. He spoke about different coins, but particularly he focused on Bitcoin (BTC), in which he feels confident about. He also explained his preferences regarding specific exchanges and other tools, disclosing very interesting facts and insights about his experience in the cryptospace!


โžก๏ธ Vikram Verma: "Can you pls explain the Maths behind the claims that Bitcoin (BTC)Bitcoin (BTC)can go to $100,000 or so in next Bull Run? For an asset to move from $10 to $100, then to $1000 to $20,000 - we need buyers with enough disposable income to invest in it. Currently we going through Global Recession, and with Unemployment rampant, people don't have income to invest, unlike in Nov-2017. Hence, keeping all this in mind, how justified is it to expect such sharp rise in BTC price".
โž– The Moon: "If you look at it from another perspective, we can see that the value of all money in the world is $100 trillion. If Bitcoin takes over this value, then Bitcoin (BTC) could go to $5million per BTC. If Bitcoin only takes 20%, then that's still $1 million per BTC. For Bitcoin to go to $100,000, being the best form of money in the world, is a very easy target in my opinion".

โžก๏ธ Danilo S. Carlucci: "I checked your profile and noticed that besides Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) you also added SwissBorg (CHSB)and UTRUST (UTK)as your favourite coins. What do you like about these 2 projects and what other Altcoins do you hold or like?"
โž– The Moon: "I only buy altcoins when I have a good feeling about the coin short term & medium term. I like both UTRUST (UTK) and SwissBorg (CHSB) as they both have amazing teams and a great model. I'm bullish on both of them, and Im also bullish for Ethereum (ETH) mid term. In the very long run though, I think Bitcoin (BTC) will outperform 95% of all altcoins".

โžก๏ธ TOMAS JAEGER: "What do you think about Uniswap craziness and all the easy ways to create new projects?"
โž– The Moon: "The hype has been insane, and I'm not sure the hype will continue... I think Bitcoin (BTC) is the safest way to make money in crypto".

โžก๏ธ Dino Vecchione: "When Bitcoin (BTC) really starts to go on its imminent Bull Run, what is the best strategy to trade such a massive breakout to the upside? And what leverage would you recommend?"
โž– The Moon: "Not sure what time-frame you mean, but low leverage is always advised, and don't risk more than maybe 3-4% of your BTC for your trading portfolio, and never more than 1-2% of your trading portfolio in every single trade".

โžก๏ธ Kang Chan: "What level is it that we have to look at for you to say it's breaking down from this level and also, you have been saying there's a bearish Divergence, how do we tell if it's playing out already or not?"
โž– The Moon: "I'm watching the 11,1k level right now as important short term support. For the bearish divergence, if we see a dump with volume come in then we know its playing out, but there is no exact level we can use for this".

โžก๏ธ CryptoDiffer: "What will be the next trend after "DeFi"? How did you get in crypto? When it was? And what was the first altcoin you bought?"
โž– The Moon: "Honestly, I think Bitcoin (BTC)will be the next big trend as the BTC dominance goes up and more people FOMO in. I got into crypto in 2017, after watching some Bitcoin videos on YouTube. Ethereum (ETH) was my first alt I bought, I still hold Ethereum to this day".

โžก๏ธ DJ: "I heard you mention again that ByBit was your favourite exchange, why do you prefer it over Phemex which has abilities to open different trades short and long at same time and also has more options for alts? Also would you consider letting your fans follow your trades on PrimeXBT?"
โž– The Moon: "ByBit has higher liquidity and I never had a single problem with them ๐Ÿ˜ƒ I'll think about PrimeXBT".

โžก๏ธ Quinten Franรงois: "Do you think a full cycle will take 4 years again in total? Or do you think the cycles are getting longer and longer? Why?"
โž–The Moon: " Hey man! Good job on your YouTube channel! I think we're seeing 4 year cycles right now, and this might continue. If we don't reach 20k by 2021, then we have to realise that I was wrong though.."
Ask me Anything, Oct 15th @ 10:30AM (UTC)