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AMA with Crypto Zombie

Crypto YouTuber & Educator

Known also as K-Dub, CrytpoZombie is one of the most influential YouTubers in the Crypto Space. Publishing new videos every day, he is specialised in fundamental analysis, technical tutorials and latest crypto news. CryptoZombie is very appreciated by his followers for the whole lot of educational content that he publishes together with his regularly market commentary, suitable both for experts and beginners.

Meet CryptoZombie and shoot over your questions to him now!

A big "thanks" to Crypto Zombie for his incredible contribution! A very broad range of topics has been discussed during this session, going from best exchanges to quantum scaling, from governance token to Bitcoin's future and many more. K-Dub not only answered with interesting insights and considerations, but he also shared some inspiring facts about his personal experience in the cryptospace.


โžก๏ธ Sergio P: "Which exchanges do you use (not for leverage trading, only to spot invest and/or hold)?"
โž– Crypto Zombie: "For purchasing straight from from USD I use Coinbase. The fees can sometimes be high, but it's very convenient for people in the US (especially NY which is super tough!) For normal trading I use Binanceand KuCoin(or at least I did before the hack lol). However lately I've mostly used Uniswap. Only thing I don't like is the crazy slippage sometimes!"

โžก๏ธ Elvis: "What's your opinion on quantum scaling for bitcoin and the security risks? Would bitcoin be able to update its source code to future proof itself?"
โž– Crypto Zombie: "I'm honestly not that worried. It's a LONG way off! It's incredibly difficult to guess a private key that actually has Bitcoin (BTC)on it and especially a specific one. It's equivalent to winning Powerball like 10 times or something crazy like that. By the time we need to really worry about it I'm sure their will be a solution!"

โžก๏ธ Ellio Trades: "What has been your biggest "win" in crypto? What advice do you have for people starting in crypto without much capital to risk? What is your worst investment in crypto and what did you learn from it?"
โž– Crypto Zombie: "My biggest WIN? You mean like from an altcoin specifically? In 2017 I had insane gains! Probably my best performing coin of all time was NEO (NEO)! But I think the BIGGEST win comes from the experience in this space and realizing just how early we are really are! These are life-changing times right now! As for my WORST investment well... I have quite the laundry list of shitcoins also from the 2017-2018 era! What it taught me is that Bitcoin (BTC) is truly king and since the 2019 recovery I know always keep BTC as the largest part of my portfolio. Some people ask when I will sell my BTC and the answer is... NEVER!!! Well at least not all if it!"

โžก๏ธ John Novak: "When did you buy your first Bitcoin (BTC)?"
โž– Crypto Zombie: "I bought my first Bitcoin (BTC) in May of 2017 for about $2,200!! What's even crazier is I had a friend in college bugging me to buy at $8!! But sadly I ignored him.... ๐Ÿ˜ข"

โžก๏ธ Davide Squarise: "What do you think about the CDBC movements that are coming lately (the last one is EU that is pushing to have the digital EURO but China and US are pushing a lot more on this)? Do you think that "someone" will try to destroy the crypto-movement in favour of official (centralized == they control you) digital currencies? Which are your thought about? Do you think that BTC will become a sort of digital gold surviving those "attacks"?"
โž– Crypto Zombie: "I 100% believe Bitcoin (BTC) will survive all of this and be digital gold for sure! It kind of already is!! If they do release these CBDCs (only a matter of time actually) it could create sort of a grey area where they might not be cool with the stablecoins we have now. This goes for USDC, USDT, GUSD, etc. But I can't really say for sure... I guess time will tell!"

โžก๏ธ Petr Martynov: "What would be your advise to someone who is getting started with cryptocurrency trading?"
โž– Crypto Zombie: "I'm not 100% sure that the DeFi hype is entirely over. Sadly I think some REALLY great projects got drowned out by vegetable tokens and high yield farming excitement. I think once the dust settles you will see a lot of projects rise from the ashes like the Phoenix!!! Also... speaking of derivatives we have a few decentralized players coming up soon, and as for ICO/IEO craze we have Polkadot (DOT) IPOs. We might see some of the crazes rehashed but in a new form. Keep in mind, this isn't actually the first time NFTS have been popular. There was a lot of hype of gaming and NFTs previously with projects like Enjin Coin (ENJ) and WAX!"

โžก๏ธ Scott Cook: "What is your opinion on storing crypto on Kraken when they ask for personal information like your ID etc".
โž– Crypto Zombie: "Kraken is a very reputable exchange. They are only trying to be compliant, especially in the USA. I would never suggest keeping your crypto on ANY exchange long term, but if I absolutely had to then I would trust Kraken".

โžก๏ธ Jason Perkowski: "Quick thoughts on $UNI , Polkadot (DOT) and Albos (ALB)- still bullish, still holding?"
โž– Crypto Zombie: "Still holding all of these yes! I sold half my UNI COIN (UNI) and I plan on keeping the rest long term. I'm not a huge fan of governance tokens, but I think since it has such a huge presence in the space it could do well. DOT is hands down one of my favorite coins to hold, I stack as much as I can every chance I get! ALBT in my opinion is crazy undervalued right now! Once the dust settles I think people are going to really wake up to this sleeping giant!"

โžก๏ธ Albert Spade: "Do you think that the big uncertainty and difficulty of the American market (including the future outcome of the elections) can drag Bitcoin (BTC)Bitcoin (BTC) down as you have already seen in the past weeks (and many have been speaking about)? What about the marketing campaign in favour of crypto that China launched recently? Could that boost bitcoin price?"
โž– Crypto Zombie: "Short term, yes. But we have seen countless amounts of FUD in the past from literally every angle and every country you can imagine. Hacks, bans, black swan events have only made a dent in the ultimate Bitcoin (BTC) trajectory and over time these reactions are hardly noticeable. Even recently we have seen so much bad news coming out and BTC is literally UP right now! Also, the China campaign was pretty cool! Very unexpected actually!"
Ask me Anything, Oct 8th @ 7:00PM (UTC)