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AMA with The Crypto Lark

Crypto YouTuber & Influencer

Most likely the most famous New-Zealander in the cryptospace, Lark Davis - aka The Crypto Lark - is well a regarded Educator and YouTuber with 150K subscribers to his channel. Lark's videos are consistent, sharp and informative, combining a solid political-science perspective with a peculiar sense of humour.

Even after years of being on Youtube, Lark's videos maintain the same original focus: helping everyone to understand the crypto ecosystem while educating people to do their own research. Beyond the undeniable contribution he gave to the crypto community, Lark continues to keep his listeners and readers engaged and excited about the future of crypto and blockchain.

Meet Lark Davis - aka The Crypto Lark - and shoot over your questions to him!

Thanks to our guest Lark Davis, who shared interesting consideration about the future of alt coins and blockchains in general, with particular focus on Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). He also offered his view about the consequences of some political and economical events - e.g. American election and economic cycle - and how they could be affect the crypto market in the long term.


โžก๏ธ DS: "What do you see ETH price by end of 2020 and price target for 2021 Lark Davis saw your bullish outlook YouTube".
โž– Lark Davis: "The price of Ethereum (ETH) by the end of 2020 completely depends on two things. 1 - the state of market overall, particularly if Bitcoin (BTC) remains strong, which at this time it appears that is going to be a yes. The second is if ETH 2.0 phase actually ships. We are right now waiting for an official launch date, when we get this launch date I expect a good move for Ethereum. I think that an end of year price around 800 would be the bull case. That aligns with strong resistance from April 2018. My price target for Ethereum for 2021 (assuming we get that epic bull run) is $3,000 about twice the previous bull run high".

โžก๏ธ mr stonesourcery: "You have covered some of the so-called "Ethereum Killers" and Web 3.0 infrastructure projects in past videos: I would be interested in your overview of the future in that space; & what could be the best way to invest in that future".
โž– Lark Davis: "In terms of Ethereum (ETH) killers the majority have only accomplished one thing, killing themselves! The blockchains that are currently seeing the most success are not the killers but the cooperators. Polkadot (DOT) and Cosmos (ATOM) are the best examples, they will work with not against Ethereum. This I firmly believe is the way forward. Many blockchains working together. The best way to invest is by buyig the blockchains themselves. Thus why I hold Ethereum and Polka Dot. The apps can give good gains too, but seek the strong players like Chainlink (LINK) or Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)".

โžก๏ธ Stephen Fisher: "How do you approach Bitcoin - what % of portfolio is Bitcoin (BTC)Bitcoin (BTC) that you hold? do you ever pull all BTC and retreat into stable coins? or do you hold Certain level of BTC come what may - Long term set and forget?"
โž– Lark Davis: "It is at the moment around 30%. I hold my Bitcoin (BTC) through the ups and downs. Cash out altcoins for stablecoins, bitcoin and gold on pumps. My BTC is long term holding".

โžก๏ธ Adam: "Any prediction what the markets (crypto and fiat) might do with either a Biden or Trump US election win?"
โž– Lark Davis: "In my opinion both parties are owned by the same money, so who ever wins the markets will be fine. Biden has a track record of playing ball with Wall Street so if he wins then all will be fine. The only wild card would be a contested election which would tank markets real quick".

โžก๏ธ Edward: "What currency in your opinion is best to day trade with and why? BTC or USDT? CBDC should be good for mainstream adoption of crypto, will it be positive or negative for privacy?"
โž– Lark Davis: "To the first question it totally depends on what you want more of in many cases. If you want more Bitcoin (BTC) then trade versus it, if you want more dollars then go for that. The one exception is low liquidity pairs. Some BTC and USD pairs can have very low liquidity in one, so it is important to watch. CBDCs are a privacy nightmare".

โžก๏ธ Albert Spade: "We have seen that J.P. Morgan just switched its view about crytpo - Do you think that in the next future other financial institutions can start to look at crypto in the same positive way?"
โž– Lark Davis: "Absolutely. Like Mike Novogratz said Paypal was the shot heard around the financial world. Just today we got word Singapore's biggest bank will launch an exchange".

โžก๏ธ Veselin Hristov: "What is your "lock profit" plan? At what Bitcoin (BTC) price levels are you going to cash in?"
โž– Lark Davis: "Bitcoin (BTC) is a long term wealth tool, I mostly use altcoins for building that wealth".

โžก๏ธ Robert Martin: "Hi Lark , I'm a proponent of lengthening cycles and diminishing percentage gains for Bitcoin (BTC)Bitcoin (BTC) . While I have heard of the possibility of a super cycle due to the way new tech gains users Ie early majority on ramping into Bitcoin. Also maybe world economic crises. Any thoughts on this?"
โž– Lark Davis: "This theory certainly has merit, but remains to be really proven. At this time the 4 year cycle seems to be in the driver seat."

โžก๏ธ SHUKRI HAMID: "Do you think that NFT mining will boom in 2021? Leading to a bubble like we witnessed in ICOs in 2017 and Defi in 2020?"
โž– Lark Davis: "Possible, but not likely, NFTs will do well, but it is not such a strong niche to be a defining narrative".

โžก๏ธ Anthony Orledge: "Would a good strategy be to load up on Ethereum at this price and flip into Bitcoin (BTC) at 0.1? Same goes for LTC (flip at 0.02). What could the future be of LTC with the talks with Cardano? Keep up the great work, peace out".
โž– Lark Davis: "This could indeed be a good idea, no guarantees this price target will hit, but it is possible".

โžก๏ธ Paul Hutchings: "Lark - how many altcoins do you hold right now. You have recommended that we shouldn't hold too many as it's hard to keep track of them all. Do you keep swapping some out for others?"
โž– Lark Davis: "About 20, which is too many IMO, I take profits and move into other coins. Or cut losses and move int other coins".

โžก๏ธ Noah Li: "What would your advice be to set foot in the Blockchain world in terms of job or skillset starting from scratch? As a Millennial I'm obviously very bullish on crypto and I would like to get involved a little more than just investing my rather slim pocket money @_@"
โž– Lark Davis: "Definitely learn to code, probably the most in demand skill right now. Lots of opportunities in media though".

โžก๏ธ Adam: "How does one weigh getting public with participating in media versus the pros of perhaps keeping a lower profile for physical security? Might this be a bigger issue in the future?"
โž– Lark Davis: "Not easy, in most cases you need to self DOX, but you can have an anonymous twitter".

โžก๏ธ Stephen Fisher: "Which projects stand to profit from Bitcoin (BTC) into DeFi?"
โž– Lark Davis: "Anyone enabling the process. Keep Network, pNetwork (PNT), and REN (REN)".

โžก๏ธ James Cornish: "What do you think the returns on the Chinese blockchains like NEO (NEO) or Ontology (ONT) given how ahead China are in the 5g roll-out?"
โž– Lark Davis: "More interested in Ontology (ONT) vs NEO (NEO) personally, but it would depend on if they actually receive high level support from the Chinese gov".
Ask me Anything, Oct 27th @ 8:00PM (UTC)